Becoming a Client

Becoming a ClientLet’s have an open and honest conversation; that is how I start all my client relationships. Whether you are looking for a consultative opinion, an independent investment audit or truly looking to move your investment portfolio, I provide an open consultative process that helps you make the best decisions for you, your family and your business.


As an independent Investment Advisor, I believe in providing a holistic wealth plan that provides a comprehensive solution to your life’s goals. By following my conservative investment philosophy and prudent portfolio diversification ideals, a plan is developed to meet your goals. This plan follows the archetype of one of the most successful investors today and throughout human history: Warren Buffet and his mentor Benjamin Graham.

I believe that treating your wealth creation and management in the same manner that the world’s wealthiest do, is simply the smartest option over the long-term. The wealthiest families in the world have accumulated wealth through prudent long-term management, not by chasing trending investments, fads or ‘day-trading’.

Investors with short-term time horizons drive market movements. If you are a long-term investor, you should ignore them.
Steve McBride

This five-step process drives my development of your portfolio:


Through in-depth discussion and analysis, I create a detailed profile of your overall situation: time horizon, wealth structure, risk tolerance, goals and expectations. I ask my signature question to determine your expectations: “Within the next five years, what would have to happen to make you a happy client?”


I perform in-depth analysis, review and research and prepare individualized reports that outline my asset allocation strategy recommendation and my service and communication commitments.


I meet with you again to present and explain my proposed recommendations, ensure you understand them and my rationale thoroughly and come to an agreement before proceeding.


I select investments to implement my asset allocation recommendations. Your portfolio is constructed with investments that are aligned with your risk and return objectives while incorporating estate planning.


Reviews are provided in a timely manner, taking into account each client’s unique circumstances and expectations. Usually, this involves brief periodic reviews in the short term together with full comprehensive reviews once every business cycle of about five years.