How the US Election & Policy Could Affect Your Investments

McBride Wealth Management Webinar Series

October 8, 2020

McBride Wealth Management hosted a webinar featuring AGF Investments’ Chief US Policy Strategist Greg Valliere.  Greg has over four decades of experience following US policy and is frequently interviewed and quoted on BNN, Bloomberg, Fox and CNN.

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Webinar Synopsis

In the webinar, Greg highlighted how current US policies will shape domestic and foreign market potential for investors. With insights into how global politics, trade and the pandemic may factor into your portfolio choices.

He also discussed the current state in US politics, and the biggest event of the year – the US Presidential election on November 3 and how this will shape domestic and foreign markets for investors. In addition, Greg shared insights into how politics impacts trade, the economy and interest rate policy – all important considerations for your portfolio.

Short on time?

Here are Steve’s Top 5 Takeaways from Greg’s discussion:

  1. The front runner for the US Presidential election is Joe Biden and, if Biden wins, the markets will prefer that a Democratic White House be joined by a Republican Senate and a Democratic House.
  2. Aside from the US Election, the two biggest positive impacts on the markets are going to be first, additional pandemic related fiscal stimulus and secondly, continued accommodative monetary policy from the US Federal Reserve.
  3. On the subject of the pandemic, there will not be another government-mandated shutdown of the US economy. No matter who wins the election, the US Government will tough it out until a vaccine is made widely available likely in mid-2021.
  4. The Senate will indeed confirm the latest supreme court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. This will cement Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s legacy and it will also establish a very conservative Supreme Court for decades to come.
  5. The relationship between the US and China will continue to be strained no matter the outcome of the election. Frustration with trade issues and China’s mishandling of the virus at the outset crosses party lines, and tensions are sure to continue to be front and centre regardless of who is in the White House or Congress.


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