Wealth Sense Webinar Series

January 25, 2023

Featuring AGF Investments’ Chief U.S Policy Strategist Greg Valliere. Greg provided valuable insight into how the US mid-term election may affect the US economy and what it may mean for the broader equity markets. 

Webinar Replay Link: Post US Mid-Term Election Update with AGF’s Greg Valliere

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My Five Key Takeaways

1.  The markets can live with the election results (narrow House victory by Republicans)

  • More predictability | no surprise regulation or increase in taxes.
  • Divided government is historically supportive of equities.
  • Markets are historically strong post-US mid-terms.
  • No violence or fraud in this election; it ran smoothly.

2.  The Federal Reserve is getting closer to the end of their rate hiking cycle (a pause or slowdown into 2023) as inflation is getting under control.

3.  Ukraine military resiliency and tremendous resolve. Potential scenarios down the road for the Ukraine conflict:

  • Putin doubles down and uses chemical weapons.
  • Someone takes him out.
  • Putin counting on the west to back down/back off.
  • Ukraine advances aggressively and has its sights set on Crimea.
  • A truce in the spring of next year.

 4.  What’s next between now and the end of the year:

  • Trump’s press release announcing his intention to run in 2024
    • There is a growing concern from the Republican party to get rid of Trump
  • House cleaning from the Democratic party
  • Congress works on a bill for $20B in Ukraine aid
  • Feels a big storyline next year will be Biden not seeking a 2nd term

5.  Final thoughts and Predictions for 2024 Presidential Election:

  • Gov Ron DeSantis (Republican candidate)
  • VP Kamala Harris (Democratic candidate)

And, finally, fresh new faces to watch out for in US politics.

  • Gov Ron DeSantis (Florida)  Republican
  • Gov Glenn Youngkin (Virigina) Republican
  • Gov Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan) Democratic
  • Gov elect Wes Moore (Maryland) Democratic

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me for a more personal discussion.