Your Goals

Our ServicesMost Financial Advisors tell you how their products and services are superior and provide maximum benefit to your portfolio. However, I focus on my clients’ needs instead. With access to one of the largest independent wealth management platforms in Canada, it is not a matter of what services I provide, but rather how I can meet your goals by finding the perfect product mix to meet them.

Here are the major financial instruments that I can use to enhance your financial goals:

  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Estate Planning and Life Insurance
  • Expert Industry Research
  • Insurance*
  • Succession Planning
  • Full Life-Cycle Wealth Management
  • Tax Mitigation Strategies
  • Wealth & Real Estate Transfer Planning

*Insurance products provided through Chevron Wealth Preservation Inc.

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How it works:

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More importantly, no matter what stage you are in your life, here is how we assess your needs together to reach your financial aspirations.


Are you in a personal growth phase? Maybe you are younger or mid-life and have started to accumulate a substantial investment portfolio and are looking for a more holistic approach to continue its growth and meet your aspirational life goals?

In this stage, you may be looking at buying your first home, getting married and/or having children and need an established plan to ensure these major life events do not drain or deter your investment plans. Learn how you can do both through a specific plan for your financial future that will allow you to stay focused on reaching your goals.


If you are pre-retired, you want to be able to maintain your current retirement nest egg and even find options to grow it further while transitioning your portfolio for optimal retirement gains. You may be in your sunset years with your best earning years behind you as you look to retirement.

One of the best ways to ensure long-term stability is an effective wealth management strategy that protect and preserve your wealth, while conservatively growing it. This may be difficult while still meeting all your mid-life and late-life goals that include providing funding for your children’s education, their weddings, family vacations, a summer home or cottage for relaxation, travel aspirations, retirement and transfer of wealth to the next generation. A variety of tools, products and services to help during this stage include family trusts, personal and business insurance services, RESPs, spousal RRSPs, estate planning and effective portfolio and asset management.

Only through effective planning can you attain your most important goals while still ensuring your retirement is spent without a constant concern about your financial well-being.


Are you ready to retire and enjoy the benefits of your life-long hard work? It is never too late to get an effective financial plan, even in retirement. A plan, even in retirement, can help ensure you do not outlast your investment portfolio, and more importantly can provide years of active enjoyment for travel, supporting loved ones and completing your bucket-list.

Being able to develop a plan for retirement may be the most crucial stage of financial planning in your life. Not only will you look to preserve and elongate your financial investments, but you will want to put in place important estate planning initiatives to help ensure a smooth transition to the next generation.